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Simplified Roof Insurance Claims in Wentzville and Surrounding Areas

Check Your Policy

Once you make sure your family is OK at the end of a storm, the next step is to check your insurance policy. If your insurance covers storm damage, call right away to get an inspection. Insurance companies may have a timeframe in which you need to make a claim.

closeup of roof inspection

Gather Information

All insurance companies want as much information as possible, including measurements, cause of damage, and time and date of damage. R-Krew Construction provides that information along with pictures as proof. We give you every detail you need to make a claim.

two workers inspecting ceiling

Make a Claim

Once you’ve gathered your proof, make the claim to your insurance provider. Sometimes, depending on the age of your roof, you may not get as much coverage as you thought. However, we ensure that our prices are fair because you deserve to feel safe at all times.

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Hire a Contractor

We don’t charge for inspections because we want people to make informed decisions. If you’ve decided to choose our team, we ensure 100 percent quality work every time. We are with you from the first phone call to the final quality inspection. Call us today.

We Simplify Insurance Claims With Extensive Documentation

We Simplify Insurance Claims With Extensive Documentation

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