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Life-Saving Storm Damage Roof Repair in Wentzville and Surrounding Areas

Looking for Storm Damage

As a homeowner, you know that it’s important to check your roof for damage after a storm. Don’t get up on that roof yourself. Let us check for granule loss, loose debris, clogged gutters, and ice dams. However, you can check for shingles in your yard or visible water infiltration inside your home.

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Repairing Storm Damage

Storm damage ranges from catastrophic to inconvenient. R-Krew Construction knows how to fix all sorts of damage. If your whole roof was torn off, we know how to fix everything from the underlayment to the gutters. For smaller issues, we replace various kinds of shingles or unclog gutters.

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Making an Insurance Claim

A common experience that people dread is making an insurance claim after a storm. Our team of experts has knowledge of how insurance works for this kind of work. We make sure you know all of the details you need to know for making an accurate claim. Our goal is to get your roof back to pre-storm conditions.

We’ll Get Your Roof Back to Prime Condition

We’ll Get Your Roof Back to Prime Condition

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