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Affordable TPO Commercial Roofing in Wentzville and Surrounding Areas

Benefits of TPO Roofing

At R-Krew Construction, we recommend TPO for roofing for a lot of reasons. This material is great at resisting dirt build-up. You won’t have to worry about punctures or tears nearly as much, and TPO is made with eco-friendly products.

Ways to Install TPO Roofing

flat roof being installed

Fully Adhered

When installing TPO this way, we glue the membrane directly to the polyiso insulation board with a bonding adhesive specific to TPO. Then, we heat weld the seams. This installation method offers great wind resistance.

white flat roof on commercial building

Mechanically Attached

If you need to retrofit your installation, mechanically attached TPO is the method to choose. The screws and plates are installed at specific intervals in the seams and field. Then the membrane is bonded to chemically reactive plates.

white flat roof

Mechanically Attached in the Seams

This installation option works by screwing the TPO membrane to the deck only in the seams. The adjacent sheets are then lapped and welded, which covers the fasteners. The great part of this method is the fast installation time.

You’ll Get the Best Roofing for Your Building Thanks to Our Experts

You’ll Get the Best Roofing for Your Building Thanks to Our Experts

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